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The Landing Wine Club was created for our most loyal supporters. As well as exclusive members pricing, you'll receive guaranteed access to all vintages of our very limited edition Madre Collections, invitations to members-only events and preferential rates on luxury accommodation when visiting New Zealand.

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World class wines, from an extraordinary place in New Zealand

On a peninsula within New Zealand’s stunning Bay Of Islands, The Landing sits in a unique sheltered microclimate – 1000 sun-drenched acres of coastal estate, ideal for grape cultivation.


A New Benchmark

The Landing's Madre Collection of wines is only produced in exceptional vintages.

"The Madre wines are the realization of an ambition to present the very best from this special coastal vineyard,” says winemaker Ben Byrne. “These wines reflect so much hard work from all involved, past and present, and it’s an honour to be part of the story.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does membership renewal work?

    Your membership will roll over automatically. Three weeks before each shipment, you’ll receive an email to remind you of the upcoming shipment and to check that your stored credit card and delivery details are up to date.

  • Can I cancel during the year and receive a refund?

    If you wish to leave the Wine Club, please let us know and we can cancel your membership.

  • Can I choose which wines I would like to receive before shipment?

    Our cases of wine are curated by our winemaker so there is no opportunity to swap the wines out. However, if you wish to purchase a different wine online, you'll get 15% off automatically as a Wine Club member.

  • How will I find out about events and new wine releases?

    In your membership pack, you’ll receive a printed calendar of events for the year, with a new calendar of events sent each year. You’ll also be subscribed to our Wine Club newsletter, which will give reminders and more details on every event and can view upcoming events in your membership dashboard online.

    You can also contact our concierge at any time to find out what’s coming up. 

  • Can my partner and I join the club as a couple?

    Yes. Your wine allocation will stay the same, but you will receive two invitations to events.

  • Can I bring a guest to events?

    Event invitations are limited to members and their partners.

  • Can I share my discounted rates for wine, accommodation and boat hire with family or friends?

    Membership discounts are for the member only and are not transferable. 

  • Can I give a Wine Club membership as a gift?

    Yes. Please contact our concierge, who will arrange a gift voucher for the membership. Please note, only the first year will be paid for by the giftee.