Our vineyard stretches across 33 gently sloping acres overlooking Rangihoua Bay, framed by farmland, lush native bush and regenerated wetlands. The Landing takes its name from the area’s historic location as the place where the earliest Māori and European settlers to New Zealand made landfall, establishing the settlement where New Zealand's two cultures first lived together.

The land’s suitability for viticulture was quickly identified by the missionary Reverend Samuel Marsden. Marsden established the first permanent European settlement in New Zealand, alongside where our vineyard now sits. He planted what are thought to have been New Zealand’s first grapevines nearby five years later in 1819. Over time, the peninsula’s fertile soils and abundant marine life drew more settlers, and it became a thriving hub of culture and trade for the region. Since the founding of The Landing Wine in 2007, we have honored the area’s pioneering spirit with our innovative approach, and respected the land’s beauty and abundance by nurturing and restoring it through sustainable viticulture.

"New Zealand promises to be very favourable to the vine […] Should the vine succeed, it will prove of vast importance to this part of the globe.”

– Reverend Samuel Marsden, Bay of Islands, 26 September, 1819